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July 23rd
written by phil

I am delighted to make available a seven page summary of Man and Woman, One in Christ. “The Bible Teaches the Equal Standing of Man and Woman” was published in Priscilla Papers 29 number 1 (2015) 3-10. Many people have asked me for precisely such a summary. Click on the following link to see it and share it with your friends!



  1. David Booth

    Thank you so much … This is far better than my own summary. What better than one from the author! Blessings, David Booth

  2. Susan Nash

    Dear Dr. Payne, I recently met you at the CBE Conference and mentioned I was getting my DMin from Gordon-Conwell under Alice Mathews. Your book One in Christ and the study in I Timothy 2 changed my mind on the women’s issue. That one verse about women not teaching or having authority over a man had been a real stumbling block to me. Your workshop at the conference was amazingly clear. I did not get a handout and I assume that is what these pages are. I would love to have it. Thanks so much!

  3. phil

    Dear Susan,
    I am gratified that my book and talk was so helpful. The handout and PowerPoint for my CBE workshop are available for download from my earlier post, two posts prior to this one on this website. Phil

  4. Cynthia Prentice

    Dear Dr. Payne,

    Thank you for making so many additional resources available! Having access to the supplemental studies, power points and handouts goes far beyond generous!

    We have always intuitively known that we must be missing something when it comes to understanding the text in relation to gender equality and slavery. I am all for holding the text with both hands…being comfortable with paradox…but my arms were not long enough and my reach not wide enough to hold all of Paul’s words at the same time. Not anymore. Your measured thoroughness brings such clarity. There are not enough words to thank you for the cohesiveness your work brings to Paul’s writings.

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