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August 30th
written by phil

I am delighted make available my new book in German translated by Hans Ronsdorf, a new article in Chinese, and a new article in The Christian Post:

Philip B. Payne, Die Gleichstellung von Mann und Frau aus biblicsher Sicht (Augsburg, Germany: Ronsdorf, 2023). See its cover.

Philip B. Payne, “The Bible Teaches the Equal Standing of Man and Woman,” Gospel and Modern China 20 (2023.06) 32–46.
腓力·佩恩(Philip B. Payne)圣经教导男女平等 福音与当代中国†第20†期 (2023.06) 32–46.

Philip B. Payne, “The subordinationist heresy? Christ is eternally subordinate to Father GodThe Christian Post (July 24, 2023)

On Monday July 31, I had a cochlear implant in my right ear. Dr. Wilkerson says my surgery went well, and so far I have no pain or ringing in either ear.

Immediately after surgery, before I was conscious of anything in my surroundings, I clearly remember being in a contest in which I had to get five points in order to come back to reality. The four points I had gotten were all overridden by my opponent, so I had nothing. At that moment the Spirit of the Lord intervened and gave me a point in a position that freed up my other four points. I instantly became 100% aware of all my surroundings and saw the face of a nurse leaning over me with Rachael on her name tag. She asked, “How are you?” I replied, “The Spirit of the Lord enabled me.” Nancy and Brendan were there and both heard me say this three times. Their smiling faces were wonderfully beautiful to me.

Thank you for your ongoing prayers for recovery. I am scheduled on August 17 to have the cochlear implant turned on. Please pray that my mind will adjust well to this new way of hearing and that I will with practice be able to understand speech far better than I can now.