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March 13th
written by phil

I have been overwhelmed and greatly encouraged with positive student feedback from my course at Fuller Seminary Northwest on “Women, the Bible, and the Church.” Following is just one message:

I want you to know what an absolute privilege it has been to sit under your tutelage this quarter. I am so amazed at how the Lord has woven your life together with all the experiences He has brought your way. I do believe you are doing what the Lord has called you to do and on that great day (if you are not hearing it now in your spirit) when you see Him face to face, I know you will hear “Well done, good and faithful servant”. Dr. Payne, you are a gift to the Church, the body of Christ. Thank you  for sharing all your wisdom and years of research with us. It was truly a privilege for me to sit under such quality and inspired teaching.One of the many whispers I have had in taking this class is that in order for the Church to break down the gates of Hell and to expand the Light in this dark world, we must as men and women together, partner and stand strong against the schemes of the enemy. He likes nothing more than to divide the body of Christ. You, I believe are a modern day Prophet, one who has been given a Spirit of wisdom and discernment, one who has been charged to speak into the darkness of complementarianism and feminism alike, much like Martin Luther King Jr. who spoke into the hearts of this country and the Church demanding equality for the races. This is not a losing battle no matter what obstacles get in your way, because you are on the side of the Divine Warrior. May He strengthen you and keep you in the palm of His hand and may He whisper to you His deep mysteries of revelation for your work!

I have absolutely loved writing my first and second exegesis and first position paper. It is like putting a puzzle together with the Holy Spirit as my guide. You have been tremendously encouraging and have been an inspiration for scholarship. I think what I have produced are works in progress and I hope to return to them time and again to seek greater insight and refine the message.

This class and the instruction I have received has been very close to my heart as I have two daughters who love the Lord with all their heart and desire to be a vessel for His servant. Who knows, maybe next time you teach this class, my oldest daughter who plans on starting seminary this summer/fall may be in your class! Trust me, she is far ahead of me and absolutely brilliant.

Again, I appreciate so much the time you have taken to give me feedback; it has been a blessing to me. I also would like to add that if ever there is an opportunity as a TA under you, I would find it most valuable.

Blessing to you and again thank you for your service to the Lord!

I would be honored if you would include this message with other feedback from the Fuller class.

Colleen Orrestad, MA in Theololgy student, Fuller Seminary Northwest

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