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May 3rd
written by phil

Richard Fellows, “Are There Distigme-Obelos Symbols in Vaticanus?” New Testament Studies 65 (2019) 246-251 and Jan Krans, “Paragraphoi, Not Obelos, in Codex Vaticanus,” NTS 65 (2019) 252-257 deny the thesis of Philip B. Payne, “Vaticanus Distigme-obelos Symbols Marking Added Text, Including 1 Corinthians 14.34–5,” NTS 63 (2017) 604-625. This Critique of Vaticanus Distigme-obelos Denials shows that these denials provide key evidence that, in fact, supports that Vaticanus distigme-obelos symbols mark where some manuscripts add a block of text.

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