About Philip B. Payne Man and Woman, One in Christ Philip B. Payne, and the cover of his latest book, Man and Woman, One in Christ
March 19th
written by phil

Philip B. Payne’s class on Women, the Bible and the Church was one of the best classes I have ever taken in seminary. It showed the importance of being able to read the Greek text and to know how to use the resources that are available to help us read the Greek text and the English text better. Prof. Payne is an extremely detail-oriented person. This is the exact quality that makes the best textual critics. He is an avid lover of Jesus, which makes him a great seminary professor.Not only does he teach the class how to search the scriptures better, he shares life experiences and takes the time to share devotionally from God’s word. Each class, there is a challenge to walk closer to Jesus and to live for God more fully. Professor Payne does not have a condemning or judgmental spirit. His knowledge about the New Testament and that time period are vast and he shares it generously. The class times pass quite quickly. He returned our papers back to us so quickly with encouraging and helpful comments. I wish this class by Professor Payne would be a requirement for all seminarians.

Philip Payne is a wonderful professor and a fantastic man. Consider yourself blessed if you are ever able to take this class. The knowledge you gain will speak for itself.

Michelle Wong, M.Div. student at Fuller Seminary NW

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